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Success Stories

Amgen Increases Efficiencies in Working with Sites and Improves Enrollment

Learn how Amgen increased patients enrolled per site, per month by 20 percent across its global portfolio.

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Optimizing Global Recruitment ROI

Learn how we helped a large global sponsor gain deep insight into the ROI of their recruitment tactics.

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Accelerating Enrollment in Rare Disease by 4 Weeks

Learn how Reify and StudyTeam helped a global top-20 sponsor complete enrollment for a difficult Rare Disease trial a month ahead of schedule.

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Top-10 Biopharma Improves Enrollment & Efficiency Across Complex Oncology Trials

In this case study, learn how The Head of Oncology and her Clinical Operations team were able to overcome  challenges by deploying StudyTeam globally.

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On Demand:
Enrolling a Global Study Ahead of Schedule
(During a Pandemic)

Learn how Amgen's trial teams deployed a strategy centered on site-focused collaboration and technology-enabled insights to enroll patients faster than originally projected.

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Partnering to Solve the Enrollment Problem

Rebecca Goldfaden from East Coast Institute for Research discusses how clinical trial sites can partner with sponsors to drive more efficient enrollment.

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Product Datasheets

More Predictability and Control in Oncology Trial Enrollment

StudyTeam, the patient enrollment platform for Oncology, moves pre-screening, I/E criteria tracking, and patient visit scheduling into a simple, clean, and searchable digital platform.

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StudyTeam for Sponsors

Trusted by the largest global biopharmaceutical companies to accelerate clinical trial enrollment.

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Referral Partner Interface

Minimize lost referrals with SudyTeam's Referral Partner Interface (RPI) API. Automatically imports identified patient candidates directly from a recruitment vendor into StudyTeam.

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StudyTeam for Sites

Simple patient recruitment and enrollment, so you can eliminate redundant tasks and get back to the work that matters most: helping patients.

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StudyTeam for Site Directors

Simple patient recruitment and enrollment to keep your teams connected, monitor site recruitment from anywhere, and gain complete visibility across all of your sites.

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Visit Window Calculator

Quickly turns a protocol’s schedule of activities into a calculator, allowing site staff to instantly determine the next ideal visit(s) for each patient in their trial, within the correct visit window.

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Reify Blog

Reify Powers Patient Recruitment Across AstraZeneca’s Breast Cancer Clinical Pipeline

AstraZeneca will use Reify Health’s StudyTeam™ platform to accelerate clinical development, alleviate burden on research sites, and improve patient matching for global clinical trial enrollment.

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Site Seeing: Saving a Day of Work Every Week

We spoke with Natalie Marlen, a clinical research coordinator, about how she uses StudyTeam to save a day’s worth of work every week.

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Site Seeing: Accelerating Patient Recruitment at CIRCA

We sat down with Tyler Whitfield, a clinical research coordinator, to discuss how he manages the challenges of recruiting patients for clinical trials.

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Need Your Global Clinical Trial to Enroll Faster? StudyTeam Can Help

Reify Health expands StudyTeam to more than 100 countries and 2,700 clinical research sites.

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Reify Health’s StudyTeam Is Selected by Amgen Across Global Research Portfolio

Top sponsor deploys enrollment performance management platform to collaborate better with sites and enroll more effectively

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Reify Raises $30M in New Funding

Series B round, led by Battery Ventures, will fuel growth of Reify's team and enhancements to StudyTeam platform

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FAQ for Sites

Quick answers to frequently asked questions about our site offerings

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FAQ for Sponsors

Quick answers to frequently asked questions about our sponsor offerings

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