We’re building a new way to research together.

Clinical trials keep getting harder. 

We need to work smarter.

Research sites do the work that powers clinical research. But today, sites are often forced to choose between recruiting the next patient and taking time to record information in a sponsor portal. Sites are bogged down by the tools sponsors use. And sponsors still struggle to get the recruitment information they need from sites.

As a first step, we have created a better way for sites and sponsors to enroll trials together. With our digital platform StudyTeam, we help sites do their work more effectively and share information with sponsors more easily. We help sponsors reduce site burden and enroll trials more rapidly.

StudyTeam unlocks a new way for sites and sponsors to work together... starting with enrollment.


For Research Sites

Activating StudyTeam is like adding a digital assistant to your team to help enroll patients. StudyTeam helps you stay organized, identify potential patients faster, and focus your attention on key next actions for each patient. 

Sites that use StudyTeam see increased enrollment on their trials and enhance their ability to work together as a team. They also deal with fewer emails, calls, and patient logs for trials where the sponsor or CRO is using StudyTeam too.

For Sponsors and CROs

Activating StudyTeam helps your sites enroll more effectively and makes it easier for them to share information with you. StudyTeam also helps you gain actionable insights from that information to better forecast and manage enrollment.

Sponsors and CROs use StudyTeam to reduce burden on sites, enroll trials more rapidly, and optimize enrollment across their portfolio. Each trial that uses StudyTeam also helps the next trial enroll even more intelligently.

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