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Why StudyTeam


Weeks faster per trial

On average, StudyTeam customers complete patient enrollment six weeks faster per trial across their portfolios.


Fewer zero-enrollers

Sites that use StudyTeam are 25% less likely to be zero-enrollers compared to sites that don't use StudyTeam.


Site uptake

93% of sites choose StudyTeam versus existing clinical trial solutions to track and manage enrollment because it reduces site burden.

Benefits for Sponsors

StudyTeam arms you with richer patient recruitment data that helps you take control of patient enrollment sooner.

Access data you don’t have today

Take earlier targeted action based on novel prescreening and patient enrollment insights that reveal what’s working and what’s not.

Focus on the work that matters most

Optimize your clinical trial budget and resources to hit your enrollment goals faster and more efficiently.

Make enrollment simpler for sites

Empower your sites to share patient recruitment insights easily and automatically, without the burden of traditional methods.

Demonstrate measurable recruitment ROI

Know earlier and with more accuracy which recruitment channels are working and which aren’t.

Leverage novel data to improve future trials

Inform protocol design and site feasibility with new data that grows and improves with every trial.

StudyTeam helped Lilly enroll 23% more patients at sites

We also helped determine, in real time, whether they needed to open additional or fewer sites.

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Enroll Intelligently.

StudyTeam makes it radically easier for sites and sponsors to share recruitment insights and enroll with confidence.

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