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The Patient Enrollment Management platform that sites love and sponsors depend on.


StudyTeam is available to sponsors and research sites in over one hundred countries, and counting.


Research Sites

Over 3,000 global research sites, from top academic medical centers to community clinics and private practices, trust StudyTeam to help them enroll patients more efficiently.


Top-10 Sponsors

StudyTeam is being used by seven of the top-10 global biopharma sponsors, including Amgen, AstraZeneca, and Eli Lilly & Company.

Loved by Sites.

Indispensable to Sponsors.

Sites can focus on what matters most

Sites spend less time with redundant and manual tasks so that they can move patient enrollment forward.

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Harmonized workflows for sites & sponsors

Less double work for sites. Fewer logs, phone calls, and emails for both sites and sponsors.

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Sponsors can take control of patient enrollment

Sponsors can optimize patient enrollment proactively with real-time access to novel pre-screening and enrollment data.

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StudyTeam for Research Sites

Surprisingly simple patient recruitment and patient enrollment solution trusted by more than 3,000 sites, and counting, globally.

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StudyTeam for Sponsors

Access powerful patient recruitment and patient enrollment insights to run faster, more predictable clinical trials.

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